Hi! We’re LeadFlip

We’re a group of people passionate about enabling businesses to automate their sales & support tasks to focus on providing value to their customers.

Experienced Team

We have the team to serve your business in an end-to-end manner. We have conversation designers, marketers, machine learning experts and senior software developers on our team with years of experience under their belts.

What drives us

We dealt with hundreds of unqualified leads for our own business; resulting in hundreds of work hours wasted. With innovations in Machine Learning & AI, we believe that your agents/salespeople are needed to create the perfect offer. This passion of freeing people from lead qualification & processing has led us to found LeadFlip. You already have visitors coming to your site; now it’s time to qualify and convert them into leads automatically.

Industry Expertise

Our team comes from different backgrounds: banking, software, mobile apps, academia. We work very closely with our customers to see patterns in different industries and bundle this knowledge in our product.

Technical Expertise

We have years and years of experience in deploying cutting-edge scalable software. Your bot is in safe hands and handles as much traffic as you want. We are always improving our in-house machine learning based engines.

Enterprise Class Support

We take pride in the level of customer support we provide. Whether you need a hand in improving your bot’s customer journey or stuck at some point – we’re here! We constantly improve Flipper, our in-house support bot, to help you in real-time!

Want to join us?

If you want to become part of our amazing team, just say hi. We have openings in San Mateo & Istanbul.

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