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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions”. It is also known as Q&A – “Questions and Answers”. 

A well-designed FAQ page or section helps you to decrease support costs for your business. With the help of chatbots, you can make your FAQ pages more interactive and effective.

Machine Learning Training

We are using Machine Learning(ML) algorithms to analyze your previously loaded Questions & Answers.

When a visitor asks a question, your bot will find the most relevant answer. Your bot needs to a good sample of questions and answers to do this. We can start with your FAQ or AMA page and expand on it.

Self Learning + Assisted Learning

We have a self-learning system to improve the training of your bot using visitor feedback. Every time we service a visitor, we ask if we are able to answer their questions. The answer helps the bot to improve on its training.

We also have an assisted learning module where you are able to assign or create new answers to unanswered questions. As time progresses and your bot matures, the need for assisted learning will decrease and you bot will be self-sufficient. 

Easy to Start

We have a very easy way to create your FAQ chatbot. 

You only need to upload an Excel/Spreadsheet file containing some previously asked questions and corresponding answers. That’s it! LeadFlip will take care of the rest.

Lead Gen & FAQ Simultaneously

You don’t need to create multiple bots to handle support & lead generation tasks, a single bot will take care of everything.

LeadFlip’s context switching technology can answer a question mid lead generation flow and seamlessly easy a visitor back to information gathering.

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