Everything you need to convert Visitors into Leads

Conversation & Bot Templates

We prepared industry-specific templates that will give you a solid foundation to build your bot.

Just make the necessary changes in the flow and get your chatbot online in no time

Lead-Based  Pricing

Pay only for leads that are beneficial to your business!

The small package is free forever with a limit of 50 leads per month.

In all our packages we have unlimited conversations, subscribers, users, agents & admins.

Unlimited Admins & Agents

No need to share a single account across your team. We don’t care how many agents are using live chat or how big your team is. Everyone’s welcome in LeadFlip. 

You can assign people to Agent role to prevent them from changing bot flows and focus only on answering questions your chatbot couldn’t handle.

Facebook Auto Replies

With the help of Facebook Auto Comment Reply function, you can send private messages via FB Messenger to the visitors who commented on your FB Page Post. It’s a great way to engage with users as well as increase comment count in a Post and boost visibility organically.

Live Chat Support

We believe in AI working hand-in-hand with humans to yield best results. If the bot cannot handle a request or if the lead is super-high-priority, you have the option to seamlessly transfer the conversation to your live agent.

We also provide a single chat interface for different mediums (FB, Web, Kik etc.) so your agents are only focusing on helping & answering questions.

FAQ Chatbots

A well-designed FAQ page or section helps you to decrease support costs for your business.

With the help of chatbots, you can make your FAQ pages more interactive and effective.

Drag & Drop User Interface

Design your conversation flow like a decision tree. Create blocks and connect them by dragging connections between them. 

You can always visually follow your conversation path and edit any block with one click. Always conversation follows your lead generation funnel.

Demo Landing Page

Sometimes you might want to share your bot with a limited audience before going mainstream. We have a demo page that you can customize and share.

Click on the button below to see such a demo page.


Multiple Storyboards

A bot can be more complex than an app and can do several things like signing up users, setting up meetings, answering questions.

With our storyboard based structure, you can separate these functions and make your conversation design al nice and tidy. You can also program your bot to jump from one storyboard to another if needed.

Lead Scoring & Classification

Every business has a different definition of what a “lead” is. We empower you to teach our engine what your lead categories are (high-priority, low-priority etc.) and we will automatically qualify leads based on their conversation with your chatbot.

We also offer a general lead scoring algorithm that gets better every day.

Handle Expired Conversations

Sometimes your visitors will leave the conversation abruptly – we are humans after all. You can create different actions based on information they supplied.  You always get a second chance to convert those people into leads.

Gather Public Information

We use web/social searches to fill in the blanks for a potential lead for you. Profile pictures, social media accounts, and other useful public information are automatically gathered and attached for you to check. We take privacy very seriously and only use publicly available information in our searches.

Easy to Deploy

We have Web & Facebook widgets that you can deploy very easily. Just copy/paste a javascript code to have your bot on your web page. Deploying to Facebook is also instantaneous – no need to wait for approval, we took care of that for you.

Our web widget is fully customizable to blend in with your web page – we even have a UI where you can design it and play around with colors.

One Click Cloning

Do you need to create the same flow for different bots? No need to create each of them from scratch.

Easy Integration

With LeadFlip Webhooks you can integrate your custom software easily to exchange message & conversations.

Also with our Zapier Integration, you can push all conversation data into more than 500+ services with one click. No coding needed.

AI & Machine Learning

Our internal engine is always watching and keeps track of your bot’s health. If users are having a hard time at a certain point in your flow, we will inform you and suggest ways to fix it.

Every industry also has specific jargon/lingo and features that a bot should understand. We are providing pre-trained models so you don’t have to become a machine learning expert for your bot to understand visitors.